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Now, personal development and becoming your best self involves many facets of your life, all which are discussed in great length throughout this site. For starters, however, I would like to bring your attention to:

The 7 Tenants of Positive Self Development

1. Continuous Learning

The first tenant of positive self development is continuous learning. No one of us exists in a vacuum, and we are constantly shaping and being shaped by our environment. There will not come a point when your learning ceases, so embrace learning in all you do. It exercises the mind, expands possibilities, and allows you to contribute in new and more meaningful ways. Furthermore, learning as a way of life will yield continuous benefits and happiness – a true win-win scenario. If you’re presently feeling stuck in your life, chances are that you have not learned anything exciting or meaningful in a long time. By becoming a lifetime learner, you will always feel refreshed and open to new possibilities.

2. Laser Focus + Persistence

Focus is becoming more important in this particular phase of life on planet Earth. For all the joys that technology brings us, it also comes with shortening attention spans, numbness, and a thousand and one distractions at all times. To get what you want in life, you must be crystal clear about what it is you want, and pursue that vision with a relentless and focused determination. In the way that a river cuts through the mountain over time, you can erode the obstacles in your life by staying focused and persistent. Clear focus is pivotal to all Self development.

3. Working a Plan

Coming up with a plan is overrated. Brilliant plans are hatched on napkins by the thousands on a daily basis. So, with all these brilliant plans floating around, where is all the success? Success lies (always) in the execution on the plan. Planning and executing are two very different things aren’t they! Obviously, the latter is more difficult, but working a good plan through to completion is the hallmark of the successful. The most critical part of working your plan is the middle period, where the excitement has worn off but you are yet to see the fruits of your labor. Author Seth Godin calls this “The Dip” and identifies it as the period to either soldier on or quit. If it’s a worthy cause you’re pursuing, be strong and carry on – the rewards on the other side or more than worth it!

4. Sound Mind Follows Sound Body

Your thoughts control your words control your actions controls your destiny. Watch what you think, and stay a vigilant guard over your mind’s wandering tendencies. The best way to take care of your mind is to take care of the body it belongs to. If you can think back to a time in your life when you were particularly active and fit, you may also remember being especially happy during that time, too. A healthy body lends itself to a healthy and happy disposition and outlook on life. From that healthy outlook flows positive actions and contributions that make you your best self in this world. Any real look at self development is incomplete without addressing your body’s well being. Remember that health and fitness need not be complicated – simply turning your attention to your health and exercise is a huge first step. Eating natural, unprocessed foods and doing exercises you actually enjoy are all you really need.

5. Complete Responsibility

Your life circumstances are your own, and those who accept complete responsibility for this will inevitably fare better in life. Cultivating a mindset that says “I am responsible for this, and I can change it whenever I want” will yield far greater results than looking for the next person or situation to blame. Truth be told, there will ALWAYS be a person or situation to blame, and if you choose to burn your energy blaming, you will miss countless opportunities to better yourself, your loved ones, and your life’s path. You only carry the key’s to your Kingdom – it’s a hefty responsibility but one that carries the potential for unending happiness and fulfillment.

6. Practicing the Pareto Principle

Otherwise known as the 80/20 principle, the Pareto Principle states the 80% of the results come from 20% of the inputs. Thus, life is skewed: the happy get happier, the rich become more wealthy, and not all is fair. This is not a fact to bemoan or complain about, it’s something to use to your advantage! If you really examine your life and your actions, you can hone in on those few actions (the great 20%) that yield the best results and happiness for you. You can eliminate those actions that aren’t serving you, and begin to spend your valuable time on the activities that are most meaningful to you.

7. Those Who Make It, Made It

I’ve always found it interesting that people use the phrase “made it” when describing a successful musical group (or other success). This phrase seems to indicate some sort of luck, but it reality those that “make it” do something far more literal than waiting around! They actually (physically!) go out there and MAKE whatever they want happen. This means they hustle more, are willing to do more, seek out the help of others more, and generally put in far more effort in the pursuit of their dreams then others pursuing the same dreams. It’s as if you’re building a castle one stone at a time, but the whole world doesn’t see it until it’s completely finished. The world won’t see all the hard work you put in, only the magnificent end result. Positive self development is the same: it is the act of adding stones to build your castle until it is a finished Masterpiece.

These 7 Tenants of Self Development are simply a starting point. You really, truly can have whatever it is you want in life. You simply must be clear about what you want, decide what you’re willing to do for it, and pursue that end with focus and relentlessness.

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Self development can be hard work, but if you’re willing to put in the time, energy, and emotion that most people simply are not willing to put in, the results can be better than anything you’ve ever expected.

Enjoy all that we have to offer here at SelfDevelopmentGuide.com, and here’s to your own personal journey to success!

- Steven Silver