How to Use Love Affirmations To Attract Your Ideal Mate

Love Affirmations

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Love affirmations are the best way to get yourself acquainted with the objective of attracting romance and love into your life.

The reason behind this is that affirmations have the force of putting positive energy into your inner self and enabling your brain to send messages to your nerves which will result in you having a good aura when you are with people.

Thus, if you have that strong feeling of being with somebody that you like, positive love affirmations can help you attain that good vibe which may eventually be the way of attracting your soul mate.

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If you are attracted to such idea, then you may want to make your personal love affirmations for attracting your soul mate that easy and effective.

1. You have to be Specific

There are two essential things that you have to ascertain before you start on your love affirmations:

a. Who you want to attract

b. Who you are when you attract them

Usually, people focus their positive affirmations on things that they desire while neglecting the things that they have to do within themselves that are equally needed to attain their goal especially on close relationships. You must start by listing what kind of person you want – specifically their attributes.

After making such list, answer this question:

What kind of person should I be to be able to draw attention from this person I want to attract?

Who is the person whom I want to have relationship with? Knowing the answer to this question will serve as a basis on which you are to build your love affirmations…

2. Build Your Affirmations

It is important that your positive affirmations have these four essential characteristics:

a. Address them in first person

b. In present tense form

c. Concentrated on the characteristics of the person you want to be with

d. Focused on the person you want to be able to attract your most awaited person

Examples: You want to attract a person that is confident and ambitious. Your love affirmations may be stated this way:

“I am a confident and ambitious man. It would only be natural that I attract confident and ambitious women into my life.”

“It’s my confidence and assertiveness that attract confident and assertive women.”

“An ambitious man like me attracts an ambitious woman.”

You might think that you’re just fooling yourself in saying those things. You have to know that affirmations work in such a way that they will condition your subconscious to believe the things you say by consistently repeating it to yourself.

The moment these notions are set in your mind, it will start to influence your acts – which will eventually make your beliefs a reality. This is due in part to the principle of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the feeling of discomfort by a person if their beliefs and actions are inconsistent. This feeling of discomfort effects in changing a persons’ acts to align it with their beliefs.

And now, the third and final step:

3. Rehearse Your Positive Affirmations

Rehearse your written love affirmations while facing a mirror every morning and evening. The power of positive affirmations starts from this.

After 21 days the momentum will start to pick up. Then, you will be able to observe that your mindset will slowly align with the aspects of your life that are essential in starting your goal to attract the love of your life.

Best of luck!

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